The Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust

The Trust is a Registered Charity No. 1042227 and a Company Limited by Guarantee Ref No. 02986417.

REGISTERED OFFICE: Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust, 62 Broadway, Duffield, BELPER, DE56 4BU

AUDITORS: Smith Cooper, LLP Chartered Accountants, 2 Lace Market Square, Nottingham, NG1 1PB

The Mission Statement of the Trust is:

“to restore the Derby Canal as near to its original route as possible thereby enhancing the lives of people resident or visiting the area.”

The delivery of the mission is achieved through three basic bodies:

  • The Trustee Board
  • The Trust Executive Group
  • The Society Committee

We are always looking out for people with an interest in our success. We have a very strong organisation, but we would welcome any involvement or help that can be offered by any interested party. Please contact the appropriate person either listed below or on our Society Committee pages.

The Trustee Board

The role of the Trustee Board is to ensure the Trust operates within legal constraints, including those of the Charities Commission, and to safeguard the assets of the Trust generated through fundraising. It is the role of Trustees to maintain and keep up to date the Trust’s objectives, aims and mission.

In order to ensure the Trust operates in a responsible way and recognises the various community interests key stakeholders are recognised and have the right to nominate Trustees.

Key stakeholders recognised by the Trust are the four Local Authorities through which the Derby Canal ran and The Inland waterways Association, the organisation responsible for championing canal preservation and restoration. Each organisation can appoint two trustees. Other Trustees are drawn from enthusiasts who have expressed a desire to promote the Derby Canal restoration and who have been recognised by the Trustee Board as trustworthy people who can assist the Trust’s objectives.

Currently the Board consists of:

Nominated Trustees:

  • Michael Stanton – South Derbyshire District Council;
  • Greg Jennings and Cllr. Dom Anderson – Derby City Council;
  • Wayne Major and Cllr. Richard Harris – Erewash Borough Council;
  • Wayne Major and Cllr. Gary Hickton – Derbyshire County Council;
  • John Baylis BME and Mike Snaith – Inland Waterways Association.

Ordinary Trustees are as follows:

  • Steve Jeffery (Chairman)
  • Chris ReesFitzPatrick (Treasurer)
  • Val Clare
  • Paul Horton-Turner FCA
  • Chris Madge
  • Kevin Miller
  • David Savidge
  • Maggie Throup MP for Erewash
  • Eddy Case

The Honorary Secretary is Claudia Jeffery, available on

The Trust Board meets quarterly to receive reports from officers, the Trust Executive Group and the Society. Meetings are open to the public and are currently held at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of January, April, July and October at the Chequers Inn, Breaston. The Trust Board has delegated limited powers to the Executive Group to manage the day to day business of the Trust, but all expenditure and commitments are approved by the Trust Board.