Boat Naming Competition

The boat naming competition has now finished in March 2020. We had a brilliant response, and we’re pleased to announce that the Derby River Boat will be called “Outram”.

If you’re interested to find out why, please click the link.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Derby Riverboat has its own separate Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Our Twitter account is kept the most up to date, follow us @derbyriverboat to find out the latest news on the riverboat and issues effecting Derby’s river.

Online Activities

We have a number of STEM activity packs on board Outram, we also have some spare ones which we have put online here. We hope that these activity packs will help keep children occupied if stuck at home during the school holidays and during lockdowns. Please click on the links below to download the packs, you can try making your own paper boat which really floats, learn how to make a healthy lunch for you and your family or make your own little model cottage!